Branding Advice via MAAYAN’s Instagram Profile

My friend Maayan Oppenheim is a probably a triple threat, however, I only know for sure that she models and plays music. Her band is called MAAYAN, you can find her on all of the social platforms. Over the last 10 years, she has had a lot of modeling looks and her music has changed aggressively with each new style shift.

Recently she was having trouble telling her story via Instagram. After years of balancing two identities, her modeling, and her music, she felt like her visual brand was no longer clear. I looked at all of her platforms and presented a social media strategy that would help her simplify her message. Our concept isn’t going to blow your mind, but it did help create a strategy for updating her social media. The result, Maayan Oppenheim is a musician that models.

We created a series of rules to help her take back control of her social media. Each month she is required to plan out her next 9 photos. Within those 9 photos, she must post at least 1 photo with her guitar. Bonus points if she can post 2, however, the guitar photos can’t be posted one after the other. (Visually it doesn’t look pleasing.) Additionally, she needs 1 close focal image and 8 supporting images that should include a variety of full body shots as well as shoulder up profile shots. By doing this she establishes via social media photos that she is a musician that models. Her photos inform fans that she plays guitar, and her photos don’t feel same/same, because the rules we established don’t allow that to happen.

If you are ready to take control of your Instagram there are lots of programs that can help you create your 9 photo grid. When I do social media planning for large organizations I create my grid in Indesign because as a designer this software is an industry-standard. When I work with MAAYAN we find working in Google Drive meets our needs better. Finally, you can set alarms on your phone to post your photos, or you can register for apps like Sprout Social, Later, or Hootsuite to automate your posting schedule.

Which app you use is up to you, it’s also barely the point of this article. The point is, find a way to make Instagram fun, manageable, and consistent. Perhaps your steps won’t look like mine, but having a plan of attack is key. In the comments or via email let me know your struggles. Also, remember you’re not in this alone!

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Music Promoter, Marketing Manager, Art Director, Photographer, Radio Host & DJ who co-found @blncdbrkfst.

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