In addition to our music industry meetups, we also connect people through concerts, festivals, summits, and offer a variety of digital marketing services.

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From best practices to recaps of live events we are documenting the industry around us. We live for entertainment, our blog is a written recollection of our experiences. 

BB Music Industry Meetup


BB organizes music industry professionals for breakfast meetups in order to talk about actions we can employ that will help the scene become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make money doing what they love. (Music)

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Balanced Breakfast is an international organization headquartered in San Francisco with leaders in 30+ cities. We live entertainment … thus interact with fans and talent on a daily basis. From consulting to implementation, let our team help you make your ideas a reality.


Seeking advice? Let’s talk about your ideas and create a plan for how we can help you accomplish your goals through mediation and consultation.


When your look no longer matches your agenda … we can help! Let us update your design so you attract the fans, bands and industry professionals you want to work with.


Want to engage your community, drive brand awareness, and encourage people to take actions relevant to your business goals? We can help!

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Balanced Breakfast’s new app helps users find the people they’re looking for. We help you access professionals in the music industry both nearby and across the globe. Our goal is to help you find and create your music community. One way we accomplish this is with advanced filters within the app that help you find people based on profession, skills, genres, and specific needs like, “looking for a show.” 

Download it now for your iOS & Android device. 

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We have meetings in 30+ cities and leaders in each of those cities. Browse our profiles and get more connected with our community. If we aren’t in your city … we will be soon.

Stefan Aronsen

President & Co-Founder

Andy Freeman

Co-Founder & Nashville, City Leader

Mark Pearson

BB's Lawyer

Alison Lucille Griggs

BB's Accountant

Community Feedback

  • I recommend Balanced Breakfast. Good for all sizes.

    Todd Tate
  • This is an important community organization and a collective of total pioneer trendsetter music folk… if you’re into that sort of thing. In short, 🔥💯.

    Isabelle Garson
    City Leader
  • Balanced Breakfast is the best community resource for musicians and music industry professionals. Period.

    Brooks Dierker