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BB is an international community within the music industry. Varying by location, musicians and other industry professionals come together, often weekly or monthly, to discuss the challenges they face and work together to find singular and unified solutions. 

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Stefan Aronsen

President & Co-Founder

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Co-Founder & Nashville, City Leader

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BB's Lawyer

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BB's Accountant

Industry Blog

Artist Review of AP Tobler by Guest Writer Mark Barbeau

The word “prodigy” has fallen into overuse in recent times. Countless YouTube videos of children playing Metallica have seen to that....
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Fantastic Negrito’s Newest Music Video “HOW LONG?”

Fantastic Negrito wrote "How Long?" to confront those behind school shootings, police brutality, and other acts of senseless violence. Negrito's official...
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The Hardest Part of Touring is Leaving Family and Friends

For me, the hardest part of being a touring musician is leaving. I'm torn because I love what I do,...
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Branding Advice via MAAYAN’s Instagram Profile

My friend Maayan Oppenheim is a probably a triple threat, however, I only know for sure that she models and...
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