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Meeting: Once a Month

BB is an international community within the music industry. Varying by location, musicians and other industry professionals come together, often weekly or monthly, to discuss the challenges they face and work together to find singular and unified solutions. 

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Stefan Aronsen

President & Co-Founder

Andy Freeman

Co-Founder & Nashville, City Leader

Mark Pearson

BB's Lawyer

Alison Lucille Griggs

BB's Accountant

Industry Blog

Artist Review of Franck Martin by Guest Writer Alvie Adams

After listening to Franck’s new album Symphoney, I really understood what he is trying to do with his music. It...
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Artist Review of The Treacherous French by Guest Writer Ian Stahl

The Treacherous French's latest record, "Snapshots" is a rock 'n' roll Spaghetti Western born in the misty streets of San...
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Artist Review of Alex Jimenez by Guest Writer Victoria Boyington 

Alex’s EP Inside was a creative mix of new and old. The overall sound was warm with an analog feel that...
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Artist Review of Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs by Guest Writer Franck Martin

Stopped from touring, during the great COVID-19, they got together virtually and re-released the single “Double XX Crossed,” from their...
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