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BB is an international community within the music industry. Varying by location, musicians and other industry professionals come together, often weekly or monthly, to discuss the challenges they face and work together to find singular and unified solutions. 

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    Jake Smolowe’s “Long Form Live 1” Reviewed by Eric Silverman

    Consisting of three sections, Long Form Live 1 moves from, mellow and exploratory chord structures to more energetic and complex themes. The first track “Searching/Chant/Rise” is impressive in its movement and curiousness as it moves from an introduction, into a complex motif. I personally enjoyed the middle section of the record ”Possibilities Lost/Possibilities Gained” and...
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    Rivita’s Track “Someone Else’s Arms” Reviewed by Jon Pattie

    LA-based inspiration, Rivita, has such a gripping, dreamy control of her voice, she’ll pull you into the moment the first note graces your ears. In her track, “Someone Else’s Arms”, she describes the story of a lover whom “[they] always finds a way to make it end”. Their romantic yet heart-breaking embrace grows bolder as...
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    Ane Brun’s LP “After The Great Storm” Out Now

    The new album from critically acclaimed Norwegian artist Ane Brun is out today via her own Balloon Ranger Records. NPR New Music Friday says, "what a cinematic rich collection of songs."
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