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BB is an international community within the music industry. Varying by location, musicians and other industry professionals come together, often weekly or monthly, to discuss the challenges they face and work together to find singular and unified solutions. 

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    Ponyskull, 80s New Wave is the Answer MISSION:MUSIC Podcast

    In our 19th episode, we get the pleasure to talk with Sabrina aka PONYSKULL. Topics include worst and best Christmas...
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    Top 20 Northern California Synth Rock & Electronic Releases of 2020

    Sometimes we think of synth and electronic music as coming primarily from NYC, LA, various parts of Europe. But if...
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    Top 20 Los Angeles & Southern California Bands of 2020 by Ian Stahl

    In 2020 BB was attempting to cover more bands and projects that we have in the past. We accomplished this...
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    Drifter’s Road, a New Collaboration by LA Artists Jules & The Howl and Ward, Reviewed by Jack Charles

    If truth and melancholy were gold, Drifter’s Road by Jules & The Howl would be Fort Knox. It’s a song...
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