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BB is an international community within the music industry. Varying by location, musicians and other industry professionals come together, often weekly or monthly, to discuss the challenges they face and work together to find singular and unified solutions. 

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    Bay Area to Sydney, Jesse Judies Continues to Produce Ear Catching Tunes

    Nick Bray, known for his work with Bay Area bands EagleWolfSnake, Music for Animals, and Nova Albion, has an alter-ego...
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    New Release by Los Angeles Band Cilience Called, “Promises”

    I'm a sucker for a glorious shoegaze hook. The first measure of Cilience's song, "Promises" doesn't disappoint, kicking immediately into...
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    Santa Rosa’s Sixth Annual Railroad Square Music Festival 2020 is RSMFtv

    Santa Rosa’s sixth annual Railroad Square Music Festival has moved online, and is presenting this year as RSMFtv, taking the...
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    Los Angeles Band Ward Releases New Music Video C’est Magnifique

    “C’est Magnifique” has a great end-of-summer vibe with its blend of New Order style production and Ward’s smooth, Bono-esque vocals....
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