Phono Del Sol Music Festival 2017 Photo Recap

Any festival worth attending sets their standards then gets better with age. Phono Del Sol Food and Music Festival is a perfect example of this. Launched in 2011 by The Bay Bridged, a local 501C3 dedicated to covering trends in the Bay Area music scene, the festival stays true to its roots. From 1PM till 7PM attendees can partake in some of the hottest talent from the Bay and afar.

The Bay Bridged writes about music, thus hosting Phono Del Sol is the perfect way to put into practice the things they write about. Saturday in Potrero Del Sol Park felt like the perfect celebration of the Bay Area music scene, combined with local food and beer.

The festival is also a great place to see a lot of the hottest music industry professionals from around the Bay. I chose to enjoy this year’s festival by listening to amazing bands, eating epic food, and giving hugs to people I appreciate. I saw local professionals from all sectors of the music industry. It felt like a day in the park with a few thousand friends.

In addition to seeing people I know, one of the biggest highlights for me was partaking in the moshpit during The Oh Sees set. It wasn’t located in front of the stage, it was on the stage. In fact, attendees not on stage probably never saw the actual band.

Phono Del Sol

The Oh Sees are originally from San Francisco, however, they moved to Los Angeles in order to afford to create music. The band has made quite the name for themselves in the last few years. It was really awesome seeing them back in San Francisco.

I also met some new talent in addition to the bands I was familiar with. Oakland artist DUCKWRTH is both an excellent entertainer as well as an epic singer. He danced across the stage and I found his rap to be just as engaging as his dance moves.

Also new to my ears were The Coathangers and all-girl band of rockers. Straight out of the 90’s I watched them in amazement as they straight dominated the audience’s attention.

This year’s lineup, with Thee Oh Sees, The Coathangers, Jay Som, Bells Atlas, Sean Hayes, DUCKWRTH, Rayana Jay, Never Young, Madeline Kenney and Tino Drima was stellar and left no room for change. Each artist killed it and most left me wanting more. With Phono Del Sol’s quick 30 minute sets attendees will never be bored and at times it almost feels like just a taste of the band. I now want to see all the bands again super soon.

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