Reviewing Music City Hotel A Destination For Musicians

All music industry professionals need to Eat, Sleep and Poop. Even the most hardcore band can only sustain a tour with minimal accommodations for so long. Eventually, everybody needs to sleep in a real bed, take a hot shower, and wash their stinky clothes. While on tour, one should attempt to eat healthy and get a reasonable amount of sleep. You’re still rock ‘n’ roll even if you manage to get six hours of sleep. Most musicians get sick on tour, they abuse their bodies until they break. Sleep is the best medicine for staying healthy, why not try it out.

I recently had the pleasure of spending seven days at Music City Hotel in San Francisco. I toured the hotel, stayed in multiple rooms and tested the truthfulness of their mission statement. “Music City Hotel highlights the immense talent of musicians in our community and adds to the richness and vitality of the San Francisco Bay Area’s culture.”

During my one week stay, I was surrounded by travelers from around the world. I visited the rehearsal space in the basement and ran into several bands I know and love. In addition, the hotel provided a good backdrop for my interviews with Never Young and Bells Atlas. It seems that the hotel has created a great place for bands to sleep as well as practice. In addition, I discovered that the hotel had a washer and dryer for public use. For only $4 a load I was able to wash all the clothes in my suitcase.


Whether you are on tour with your band or in town for a professional meeting Music City Hotel has something for every caliber and price. Stay in their hotel rooms that feature queen beds, sink/fridge, and a flat-screen TV. Or check out their hostel rooms that feature cozy bunk beds, comfy bedding, and a friendly shared environment. I found it to be a great place for bands to sleep and practice as well as a solid place for me to get work done.

In addition, hotel guests are invited to practice in the rehearsal space for free.

Music Theme, Complimentary Apples, Rehearsal Spaces, Near Venues & Bars, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Daily Housekeeping, Airport Transportation Upon Request, Laundry Machines, Flat Screen TVs, Refrigerator in room, Non-Smoking Rooms, Kitchenette Available, Group Stay Available, Shared Rooms Available.


  • Rehearsal Space on Site
  • Affordable Price
  • Close Proximity to Bars & Venues


  • No Room Service
  • Old Building With No Central Heating or Cooling
  • Most Rooms Have Shared Bathrooms (Rooms with private bathroom are available.)
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