Make Videos With Your Smartphone That Are Smooth, Sound Good, and High Resolution.

Yesterday was the first Balanced Breakfast meeting I’ve attended, and I had a great time! It was really interesting to hear people’s questions and curiosities within the world of video. In a lot of ways, I feel like a lot of the mysteries that come around video were cleared up.

Personally, the biggest impact it had on me was that I found myself taking an introspective look at the ways I observe different social media platforms. I think a lot about how I share content on the wacky world of social media. I’d like to support you as you start making evergreen content on a budget. In this day and age, it is easy and affordable to create quality art.

For the musicians reading this, you are probably familiar with a variety of recording programs. Video editing programs are basically the same thing. Music deals with the tone, rhythm, and raw materials, and so does video. It has been a really fun exploration for me to see how creating videos has informed my umbrella of creativity, and vice versa. My exploration of taste, style, and videos have had an impact on my creativity in general.

With this, I felt inspired to share some insights on getting started with creating video content with the tools you already have:

  1. SMARTPHONES, y’all probably have one. The quality of today’s phones is fantastic, most can record 1080p HD or 4K Ulta HD.
  2. STABILIZERS, get one. Having a smooth sliding motion will make a big difference.
  3. AUDIO, is super emphasized. You can get something that attaches to your phone and boosts sound quality.
  4. SOFTWARE, you need this to edit your stuff. If you have a Mac, iMovie is on your computer. It’s easy and intuitive, and you can figure it out. If you have a PC, use a software called MovieMaker.If you want something more professional, Davinci Resolve is a software that has a lite free version. I believe editing could come easily for you, with your music editing background. It has certainly expedited my progress.
  5. FRAMES PER SECOND, is one of the things that has the biggest impact when you’re exporting your footage. Exporting at 24fps will make your footage look more like a movie, rather than looking like a soap opera. My iPhone records in either 30fps, or 60fps. I then convert all of the footage into 24fps with free software called Handbrake.
  6. Video Recording Software for your Phone (optional). I’ve heard people rave about a software called Filmic Pro. I’ve never used it, but I would if I created content on my phone. You have the ability to shoot in 24 fps, and have a more manual operation, like a camera.
    (Alternatively, you can use Filmic Pro for $5, and go to town with that.)

You now have the tools to start playing. During my research, I watched Mary-Madison Baldo‘s video for Miss Moonshine, and PJ McGinnis‘ video for Clementine Darling, and they are both fabulous. You can check out my work at antiphonylifeproductions.com. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding video creation, or if you would like to work together on a project.

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