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“I love the hustle of a lot of these groups working hard to create a brother/sisterhood of musicians through events like Balanced Breakfast and Fog City Songwriter showcases.” –Sam Chase As evidenced above, fellow SF BBer Sam Chase shouts out Balanced Breakfast and the whole thriving, flourishing, budding, blossoming, growing San Francisco live music scene...
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SF Leadership Stylist founder Joui Turandot joined us at Balanced Breakfast San Francisco where she advised on the immense importance of aligning your artistic image to your personal brand. The following will start you on a journey to clarify your image. Question: How do you differentiate yourself from the artists out there? Answer: YOUR IMAGE aka The Personal Brand of YOU. A Personal Brand can be defined...
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Andrea, founder of Castle Peak Music, recently stopped by Balanced Breakfast San Francisco to shed some light on the process of music placement and licensing. Here are the finer points of what she covered. To start, there are two types of licensing: Mechanical licensing grants the right to release a modified version of a song not usually available for...
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Fellow SF BBer Chelsea, drummer of VanWave (who recently released their first EP V A N W A V E) guided us through a brief talk and an interactive breakfast about our perceptions of ourselves and how we’d want to be perceived. She then dropped a quick recipe to help us distill the essential flavors of our image. Taste it out. Chelsea’s...
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San Francisco BB Family Member Brent Curriden decided to delve into a question that we can all benefit from, applicable to all aspects of our life: How to take it to the next level. Specifically, how to take your music to the next level. We had a fantastic interesting discussion and came up with some...
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Skating and Music: two industries that are more similar than you’d think. Here is a very brief summary of the main takeaways for musicians from fellow BBer Ted Maider’s TED Talk. Exclusivity:  This is a question of balance between ubiquity and exclusivity. On the one hand, you want people to be familiar enough with your...
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Putting on a show is a ritual gathering. How can you make the experience you put on valuable, special and memorable? During Your Shows Make your show is multi-dimensional! Include spoken word, comedy, art displays, circus acts, a live petting zoo, and just something MORE. Remember to SAY your name at the show…multiple times. Or invest...
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Here is a list of tips that you should consider for your next elevator pitch: GENERAL SUGGESTIONS Use adjectives and sensory-stimulating words to describe your band. Describe the world you’re creating with your music. Make sure not to state genres that are too broad. For example, the word “experimental” or “rock” is very broad. Give a band or two that might help people...
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