Marketing Advice via Adrian West’s Album Release on Instagram

Give your fans, local bands, and industry professionals something to talk about. Adrian West asked me to help him promote his album The Human Touch. As a Marketing Manager with a master’s in Graphic Design, I think about music promotion from a visual standpoint. Thus when I analyzed his social media platforms I deduced his best solution was to archive all of the old show promotions on his Instagram and start releasing miny 60-second videos for each song on his album.

My thought process was that fans don’t have long engagements with promo graphics and industry bloggers don’t want to write stories about your ads. Upon deeper inspection, I also deduced that Adrian is inspired by the outdoors. His new album is in space, so I thought it would be cool to put elements of space over videos of the outdoors, all paired with snippets of his music. Here is the result, something I think is worth talking about:


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