Cash Tight? Save Money Now by Switching Your Adobe Plan!

Most people don’t know that I have a master’s degree in graphic design. It isn’t the hat I wear within Balanced Breakfast. Generally I’m welcoming you to our meetup or jumping on and off stages to introduce hot talent to music fans. However, my main source of income is doing marketing and design within the entertainment industry.

Covid-19 and our shelter in place rules have made working in entertainment hard. Thus I have been looking for ways to save money and reduce the amount of cash leaving my bank. Tightening the belt isn’t easy … unless you find a trick that takes 10 minutes and doesn’t change any of your daily habits.

I read an article from a colleague that couldn’t afford the monthly Adobe Create Suite subscription. He went into his Adobe control panel to delete his subscription. The application asked why he was leaving so he put “too expensive” as his answer. As a result the next screen suggested that instead of canceling his plan he might like to accept a financial deal to stay.

It took me 2 months to try this … finally, I decided it was time. The steps are easy and everything happened exactly as he said it would. However, when the screen recommended 2 months free as the best option, I did the math and found it wasn’t. Switching to the $29 a month plan would save me more money. Accepting two months for free is AWESOME, you’ll save approximately $106 dollars. However, if you can afford $29.99 instead of $52.99 you’ll save $276 in one year which is EPIC!

I chose EPIC over AWESOME. With the Covid-19 outbreak hitting everyone hard, this will no doubt come as very welcome news to artists and designers reliant on Adobe apps. Additionally Adobe is offering Creative Cloud free to students and teachers until the end of May 2020.

Here are the steps for those that need more guidance. First log in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account. Then open the Manage Plan section, which can be found on the Plan page. You then need to request to cancel your plan. When prompted, chose “too expensive” and the automation will deliver you to an offers page. On this offers page pick the deal that works best for your budget. You might accept two-months for free, but I chose to lower my payments to $29 for one year.

Stay safe, healthy, and entertained. Also remember you’re not in this alone, reach out if you have any questions about this or any other BB post you’ve read.

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Music Promoter, Marketing Manager, Art Director, Photographer, Radio Host & DJ who co-found @blncdbrkfst.

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