Buckeye Knoll: Not Another Sweater

This Holiday season there’s a lot to be disgruntled about: an economy in the tank, Dizzy Balloon taking their final bow and worst of all, sweaters. On the flip side, however, there is plenty to be thankful for: friends, family and well sweaters. Wherever you stand on the Holiday cheer/scrooge spectrum I wanted to give you a little gift. Here’s a FREE Holiday song by Buckeye Knoll called “Not Another Sweater”. It pays homage to that oh so awkward moment each Holiday season when yet another softly wrapped package is unwrapped to reveal yet another Holiday sweater. Looks like we’ll be taking extra visits to the thrift store this year. Here’s to staying warm this Winter. Enjoy this special Holiday song from Buckeye Knoll by visiting Bandcamp at http://buckeyeknoll.bandcamp.com where you can stream and download the song for FREE as well as read the lyrics.

So pour yourself a tall glass of Egg Nog and Holiday Cheer and get merrymaking!

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