Artist Review of AP Tobler by Guest Writer Mark Barbeau

The word “prodigy” has fallen into overuse in recent times. Countless YouTube videos of children playing Metallica has seen to that. However, that term might be an apt superlative for AP Tobler, who started playing drums at the tender age of 8 and by 14 was writing and playing all the parts on her own original compositions.

A native of sunny San Jose, AP cites influences from Nirvana to Rush and has crafted her own alternative rock sound that flirts with everything from grunge to the punk-pop of Green Day. Last year, she released two singles, “Luvhate” and “Stingray,” both of which she wrote and played guitar, bass, drums, and well … everything on them.

AP has played with numerous other Bay Area bands, including singer-songwriters Levi J. and Esha K., but is driven to evolve and expand her own sound. The recent COVD-19 lockdown has complicated collaboration, but AP has been hard at work writing and recording at home. She’s finished two new singles and plans on releasing the first one titled “Lazy Eye,” on Friday, May 29th.

AP wears her positivity and enthusiasm for creating on her sleeve. She is determined to carve out a musical space for herself, so maybe the “prodigy” tag won’t have been platitudinous


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