Penguin Prison – “Just a little more, cause it never gets old” [review] Feb 10 at Mezzanine

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Penguin Prison, formerly recognized as a solo act by the Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and electronic artist, Chris Glover, had us all in shock when he graced stage the stage last Wednesday with a FULL ROCK BAND. In fact, I initially wasn’t even planning to go, as I typically don’t seek out electronic music (unless strictly instrumental), and I often shy away from the DJ/club scene. However, I had a strong feeling deep in my gut that I needed to go to this show, and THANK GOD I DID. I was lucky to have snagged a last minute ticket from Craigslist, as the show was completely SOLD OUT – and now I see why. Kicking off the set with the radio hit and obvious album standout, Calling Out, Chris had the ENTIRE CROWD moving with crazy cadence, losing complete control and bobbing up an down like bobble-heads. I recall sharing a huge grin with the woman standing next to me as if we had a mutual understanding that the rest of the show was gonna be pure ecstasy (and it WAS). The funky guitar riffs and drum beats from the new album (Lost in New York) were suddenly BROUGHT TO LIFE and AMPLIFIED by the three musicians (drummer, bassist, and keyboardist) that accompanied Chris on stage that night, and the sound was HUGE (think MGMT and Passion Pit). It was almost as if this backing musicianship liberated Chris to shred more of his guitar and challenge more of his vocals. His impressive howls, yelps, and high-pitched pipes (we’re talking Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie level) were mad impressive, and I definitely dropped jaws as I got “lost in New York” and in the Funkytown of 80’s synth-pop. 🙂

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(See below for more details and videos from the show)

Show Me the Way is my CURRENT THEME SONG. Hands down favorite.


Try to Lose was a nice gem to follow the crowd-pleasing opener, Calling Out, which I did not get on video because I was too busy bouncing up and down like a bobble-head.

Next up was Never Gets Old, one of my Penguin Prison favorites! “Gimme just a little more cause it (this song) never gets old!” (I also love that the music video for this one showcases Chris’ 80-year-old grandfather spinning some beats. A must see!)

“Caught in a daze…I can’t escape.”


Loved his howls in this one! Such an unexpected treat!

Siiiiiiiick mashup of Lionel Richie‘s sexy single. Surely kept us dancing ALL NIGHT LONG.

Show Me the Way is definitely a new THEME SONG and go-to energy boost. This Penguin Prison hit is bound to spur on endless DANCING ECSTASY and a “NEVER GONNA END” mentality. My screams and yelps in the background definitely indicate the mood. It’s gonna be the title track of my next playlist for sure!

A f*cking KILLER encore!

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