Balanced BreakFEST 2020 • ft. Virtual Rock Lotto 6 at DNA Lounge

Join us on December 5th at DNA Lounge for Balanced BreakFEST and Rock Lotto in one glorious event! This is the third annual music festival and the sixth Rock Lotto.

Never heard of Rock Lotto? Here is the scoop, on October 31st bands were created by drawing names from a hat. They are given 4 weeks to meet, practice, and record. At the end of the 4th week which is coming up on December 5th at 7PM all of the bands will showcase their 10-minute music videos for your viewing pleasure. That’s right, the newly-formed bands, with members from cities around the world, only had one month to write, rehearse, and record 10 minutes of original music, and then if that wasn’t enough they had to add the music to a video. This would be hard if all the bands could meet in person, but since we are socially distancing and nobody is located in the same city the bands can not meet in person. Thus these new bands with members from around the world must learn how to practice, record, and release virtually. Sound hard? It is! The band that solves this problem the best wins!!!

The winning band will be chosen by judges (Mark Pearson, Michael Jonas, and Mindi Levine) and with help from you the virtual fan. Fans are invited to join us virtually and vote for the band they want to win. Tickets are donation-based, each dollar you donate to the show equals 1 vote.



Meet the 2020 Rock Lotto contenders: Eugene Chen, Corinita Reyes, Matt Rhoden, Josh Levy, JEFFREY OCHOA, Bobo, Natalie Nova, Eve Fleishman, Ken Newman, AP Tobler, Jack Charles, diana chow, VK Lynne, Maayan, Tim Leehane, Miguel Rivera, Ethan, David Schafran, Mokai, Ayden Graham, Chris Turvill, Jules, Justin Vanegas, Rose Haze, Jared, Groovy Judy, Ramsen Isaac, Ty Parker, Stefan Aronsen, Kalib DuArte, Puneet Prasad, Nicole Carson, Regynn L Lesser, Stephanie Pakrul, Cathryn Price, Jesse Medina, Shanchoy, Susana Lecus, The Ringer , Seth Lael, Mario, Mia FluxXx, laura seligsohn, Byron Mayhew, Johnny Evil, Emilie, Serf, Andy, Jeff August, Franck Martin, phosphoro, Sasha, 3dwinC, ALINA, Peter Feliciano, Ex- Girlfriend (Stage Name) Sierra (real name), Ayn Soph, Ellisa Sun

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