THE BRUISES (San Francisco)

THE BRUISES are a four-piece rock band from San Francisco that meld classic rock bravado and indelible power pop hooks with unapologetic ease. Dueling female harmonies and a serrated double guitar attack have become the band’s signature.

The songwriting collaboration of Aja Blue and Jen Black (yes, those are their real names) forms the core of the band. Black and Blue started THE BRUISES in Peoria, Illinois in 2001. The pair moved to Los Angeles in 2004, where they began to hone a fuller rock sound, and then relocated to San Francisco in 2005. They recorded the EP “Ladies and Gentlemen….” and LP “Connected” before solidifying the lineup with drummer Tamara Waite and bassist Clayton Vorheis in 2011.

Released July 31, 2012, the band’s latest recording is the 10-song LP “Never Be the Same.” Produced, engineered and mixed by Michael Eisenstein (Letters to Cleo, Nina Gordon, Lisa Loeb, Juliana Hatfield), the album was recorded at Deathstar Studios and End of the World Studios in Los Angeles and Sharkbite Studios in Oakland. The album was mastered by Hans DeKline (Joey Santiago-The Pixies, Morcheeba, Snoop Dogg, Tim Finn-Crowded House, The Von Bondies).

HIGHLIGHTS: Featured frequently on Soundcheck on Live 105 with Aaron Axelson, the 2011 EP “Motion Light” was named the #1 EP of 2011 by Radio Valencia and named a Top Ten Album of 2011 by Innocent Words Magazine.

In late 2011, THE BRUISES advanced to national finals of the Pop-Up Live Competition sponsored by SPIN Magazine and PopChips, finishing in 3rd Place out of more than 250 bands nationwide. Their strong showing in the contest resulted in more than 500 downloads of the single “Mean What You Say”, nearly 1,000 YouTube video views, 2000+ votes nationwide, and special coverage from SPIN.com and local indie blogs.

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