Ane Brun’s LP “After The Great Storm” Out Now

The new album from critically acclaimed Norwegian artist Ane Brun is out now via her own Balloon Ranger Records. NPR New Music Friday says, “what a cinematic rich collection of songs.

Brun explains of the album’s title track, “the feeling that can come after a great ordeal when everything is over and you almost reach a state of euphoria and lightness. It’s like what people describe when they’ve had a near-death experience, or an epiphany: the feeling of being part of a bigger universe.

After The Great Storm is the first in a series of two albums, to be followed shortly after by How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow on November 27. Originally intended to be a double album, Brun’s time in quarantine during the pandemic allowed her to reassess this concept and ultimately decide to separate the recordings into two collections.

Brun says, “I’ve produced and recorded these albums mainly together with Martin Hederos and Anton Sundell… we had so many songs we loved, taped and ready, and none to throw away, so I decided to split them up into two separate experiences, into two separate albums.” She adds “Both albums deal with the bigger questions in life,” Brun describes, “but in 2020 these questions have become even bigger. Even though I wrote most of them before this whole pandemic started, I feel they all have a message that fits the situation we’re in: frustration over the state of the world, how to grieve for a loved one, existentialism, love, relationships, loneliness, inner struggles, sleepless nights…I guess they’re just about being human.”

Brun has released a host of tracks from the upcoming albums, including “We Need A Mother,” “Lose My Way,” “Take Hold Of Me,” “Song For Thrill and Tom,” “Feeling Like I Wanna Cry,” “Trust,” “Don’t Run and Hide,” and “Honey.” Check out all the videos she has released thus far HERE.

Ane Brun has released twelve studio albums over the last fifteen years via her own imprint, Balloon Ranger Records. 2017’s Leave Me Breathless was a collection of covers, featuring reinterpreted versions of hits from Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, and more. That same year, Brun was invited to perform at the Nobel Prize Dinner and Polar Music Prize Ceremony, and in 2018 at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. NPR’s “All Things Considered” called 2015’s When I’m Free her “best record yet…her most sonically ambitious.” Her second album A Temporary Dive, which was released in 2005, earned her the Norwegian Grammy for Best Female Artist. The New York Times raved about 2008’s Changing of the Seasons, saying the album “offers the kind of comfort that only well-versed singer-songwriters can give. An album full of sad songs to revel in as the days grow shorter and colder, Seasons is Brun’s strongest work yet.”

Stream/purchase After The Great Storm HERE. Also, you can listen to this album on Spotify

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