Kat Robichaud Presents A Darling Misfit Christmas

‘Tis the season for artificial trees, blizzards, blustery winds, rain boots, candy canes, decorations, eggnog, the Minora, elves on shelves, family, Father Christmas, baby Jesus, and holiday music videos. This year Kat Robichaud is coming in strong with A Darling Misfit Christmas.

“We hope you like our upbeat, catchy holiday album with songs about Gremlins, The Star Wars Holiday Special, being ghosted by Santa, and other general merriment. We recorded it miraculously during the pandemic at Gulch Alley Studios in San Francisco. All songs, save for one, were written for Misfit Cabaret’s A Very Merry Misfit Cabaret over the course of three years.” — Kat Robichaud

Grab some hot chocolate, spike it with something other than water, maybe marshmallows?! Snuggle up to somebody in your social circle, and enjoy this very merry music video from Kat Robichaud.

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After more than a decade of touring up and down the east coast, Kat Robichaud sang her way to the top 10 on Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice in 2016. She then released her first solo album, “Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits”. Following up the momentum and critical acclaim of her album, Robichaud launched Misfit Cabaret with partner Jordan Nathan– a dazzling musical variety show performed in San Francisco, Seattle, and LA, along with Kat’s second solo album “Misfit Cabaret”. Each night features an ensemble cast of musicians, drag darlings, burlesque bombshells, aerialists, and puppets. Each event is a different theme, ranging anywhere from sci-fi to horror to nautical to circus, so don’t miss a night!

Her newest album Misfit Cabaret is an unbridled, over-the-top riot of influences, from glam rock to classic Broadway. The grandiose “Bully” comes off like Sheer Heart Attack era Queen, while the Ziggy-esque “A Song for David Bowie” is perhaps the most dazzling posthumous tribute to the Thin White Duke yet (“You prettiest star / I’ll leave a light on for whenever you come home”). It’s surely the most preposterously, wondrously extravagant music you’ll hear in 2017.

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