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This last summer, Jeff August Ego Trip, released a folk song dedicated to his daughter as a memoir of her coming to adulthood from adolescence. “A Long Time Comin’ (Lilly’s Song)” is a stirring song that brings back memories of classic songs like, “You Have to Hide Your Love Away” by the Beatles. A warm, acoustic guitar supports August’s strong reverberant vocals, which tell a story of his daughter’s personal growth. The lyrics are a word of praise, perspective, and hope for the future, that inspires personal strength and perseverance.

The song is both calming and emboldening at the same time. It features a strong hook that reflects its message of determination. “They’ll try to tear you down again but I think you’ve proved you’ll keep on fighting,” August sings during the bridge. The lyrics, with the calming ambiance, make the song a touching ballad that brings listeners in. It may just be what many of us need to hear so badly during difficult times. August relates that his daughter Lily was having a very tough time in school, but she moved on to another school that turned out to be much better for her and continued to prepare for college. He wanted to celebrate her victory in a special way, so he wrote this song for her 18th birthday. Listening to “A Long Time Comin’,” we relate to Lilly’s story and cheer her on, perhaps giving ourselves a much-needed pat on the back as well. 

This unplugged, acoustic performance is a refreshing new take for Jeff August Ego Trip, in contrast with his usual rock and roll sound. He wrote, performed, and recorded the song in one day. With the help of producer Tim Leehane, the track has a very raw feel, which he says reflects the challenges of being a teen. A solid but soft drum track keeps this song energetic. August explains that he “wanted it to feel a little like Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well” because that is a song that she really loves.” A spirited harmonica solo ties the song together sweetly after the second chorus. 

Jeff August describes himself as a genre-fluid singer-songwriter. In 2020, he wrote 14 songs that are available for listening to on Spotify. 



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