San Francisco Band, Jiinto Daybreak’s New Singles Guest Reviewed by Chris Wirsig

Jiinto Daybreak’s single “Shattered Sweet” starts with the lyrics “Rare, not a diamond” – and that’s what you’re in for with the raw, energetic song, and the sometimes enigmatic lyrics, that immediately conjure up a feeling of urban angst, shattered dreams, and deception. But the energy of the song pulls you along and you can’t help but feel defiant, even in the face of negative thoughts, lies, and restricting outside influences.

The lyrics are full of metaphors in the best flow-of-consciousness tradition (something I always like), and somehow remind me of something Michael Stipe could have written for REM. The band plays a raw yet very melodic, guitar-heavy song, with influences from Punk, Alternative, and a hint of Psychedelic. And then the song takes an unexpected turn towards the end, going slower, feeling heavier with the lies and shattered dreams in the lyrics finally taking over completely, but there might still be a glimmer of hope. Or is there?

Ever-Blur” on the other hand, whilst still having melancholy yet easy-feeling lyrics, has a lighter vibe – going from sadness to freedom of mind, a change from (self) oppression or a toxic relationship to freedom: “I reach my hand out to the blueness of the sky.”

And that’s what the music conveys as well, even if many listeners might not understand the Japanese lyrics. Yes, you read that right – it’s a great combination of American Rock and Japanese poetry. Even if I didn’t know that the band hails from San Francisco, I probably would have located them there. The free spirit to combine different cultures and influences – while probably being a California thing in general – is definitely something the Bay Arey has always embraced. And this freedom to come together and create can definitely be heard in Jiinto Daybreak’s songs.

Band Bio, Jiinto Daybreak is a San Francisco-based rock band with an international voice. Blending classic alt-rock, bilingual lyrics, and experimental flourishes with a Japanese aesthetic, Jiinto Daybreak is ready to introduce their heartfelt rock to the world.



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