Booty + Rump = New Duo, Turbo Science and Their Single “Do You Wanna Have Sex”

Today the booty gods have graced us with new music from Dylan Charles Germick of Oakland band Planet Booty and his friend and music partner Dave Moore from Brooklyn’s Planet Rump. This new collaboration is called Turbo Science and the sounds you’re about to hear is suggestive, explicit, and sexual, but fully consensual.

Turbo Science is a pandemic project that we’ve been having fun with while the world was burning that draws from our mutual love of 90’s house music and Dave’s rave-centric upbringing. We shot this video in about 4 hours at my home in Alameda on our iPhones. Dave’s good friend Tessa Greenberg of the band Weekend Ladies did all the editing. The song itself is pretty explicit and in a world of predatorial dudes everywhere the concept for the video was to balance out the hyper-sexuality of the lyrics with a more IRL representation of what the pandemic has been like for us. We both feel pretty strongly that if there is anyone to be objectified in a video or image we put out we will be the ones who are objectified as opposed to someone else. This video is also a nod to all the women of the pandemic who’ve been stuck with picking up the slack in their households across the country while still trying to make things work for themselves. We hope if anything this will bring a smile across the face of anyone who watches and gives something for their pelvises to thrust to as the world opens back up. Fun fact: before making my recent move to Alameda I recorded all the lyrics to this tune in the back of my busted ass Subaru while randomly parked in my Oakland neighborhood because my upstairs neighbors couldn’t handle my singing anymore. Also always remember kids, sex is a beautiful thing but only when it’s consensual.” – Dylan

Five questions for Dylan from Stefan:

1. How did you convince Dave to join you?
It wasn’t a matter of convincing, it was a matter of destiny.

2. Truthful thoughts on bananas? Love ’em or leave ’em!
Love ’em but keep ’em out of your draws. Only trouble can ensue.

3. Spandex, costume, or every day? (Glitter underwear counts!)
Spandex… if you’re doing it right every day. Glitter speedos aren’t to be used lightly, however, with great power comes great responsibility.

4. Beard … tried it, like it … or good for a pandemic?
I’m not sure I can call what’s on my face a beard but all I know is you have to wear the beard and don’t let the beard wear you.

5. What did she say? (When you ask if she wanted to have sex!)
If you have to ask, I don’t want it.

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