Rivita Goyle’s Review of Nashville Singer-Songwriter Jon Pattie’s Single “Dream On”

From the minute I hit play on “Dream On” by Nashville based Jon Pattie, I knew I was in for a treat. The heartfelt lyrics led me into the chorus and as I listened,  my entire body got covered in goosebumps.  

I listened and I learned. The song took me through various twists and turns – from a surprise brass section, the song went further into the story. Jon took me through a journey of wonderland with a Disney-like character, I could easily see this song fitting into a movie. A beautifully executed piece of art, “Dream On” will live on my playlist and in my heart for a very long time!

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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jon Pattie is a teacher by day, passionate singer-songwriter by night. These are just a few ways to describe indie singer-songwriter, Jon Pattie.

Starting his music career off as the lead guitarist in a wide variety of bands, Jon ventured into his solo career while pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. In 2018, Jon debuted his first of a four-volume introspective series with Reflections: Vol I. Heavily influenced by artists like Alec Benjamin, John Mayer, and Jon Bellion, Vol. I explored the hard truths of searching for true, internal happiness.

“All of my songs come from the heart”, Jon says when explaining what songwriting represents for him. “It’s a form of journaling and release for me when I write music,” he adds.

Since then, Jon has spent the last year experimenting with guitar-heavy sound and synths for Reflection: Vol II. With this new project, Jon is not only sharing a story of love for music and its power of keeping us close to each other, but he also touches on depression, which he admits he was battling with when recording this EP, and difficult relationships, as well as motivating his listeners to always follow their dreams. And, as usual, he manages to do so by staying true to himself and his art.

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Hailing from the colorful escapades of India, Rivita is a singer-songwriter-producer based in the United States.

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