Grand Opening of URL PianoFight: A Benefit for IRL PianoFight

Friends! Artists! Artist Friends! You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of URL PianoFight: A Benefit for IRL PianoFight.

The Grand Opening of URL PianoFight, a new digital venue in the heart of Downtown, The Internet, benefits PianoFight’s brick and mortar establishments and connects our raucous community of Bay Area creatives while our physical spaces are closed.

URL PianoFight is brought to life by Gather.Town, a software that allows you to roam around our custom-built pixel art map replete with an 8-bit replica of our SF venue. As you move through the world you connect to other people via video as you approach. As you move away, your video and audio fade as well. And this virtual world is stocked full of artists playing intimate shows and interactive carnival-style booths designed to raise much-needed funds for our shuttered venues and, of course, entertain.

You can catch The Jazz Banshee himself, Max Chanowitz, tickling the ivories on the cabaret stage and make a small donation to request a song. Dance to 90’s hip-hop and remixes of local indie bands by BB co-founder DJ Stefan Aronsen. Or virtually flirt with a stranger in a digital booth – nothing’s sexier than someone who supports art. You can jump into a late-night open mic in The Netheryonder – and jump ahead of the line with a donation to PF. Or for a small gift to PianoFight, you can get Justin Gomes to design you a  custom Pixel Art avatar. Finally, bartender Kai who will evaluate the contents of your fridge and create a tailor-made recipe for a delicious adult beverage. (AND MORE!)

General Admission tickets are $20 – arrive at 7pm to experience everything listed above. For big-time fans of PianoFight, you can snag a VIP Ticket for $50 which allows early access to the new space for tours from PianoFight’s founders and a special, Grand Opening Ceremony variety show, exclusive to VIP Ticket holders.

“ For the first time since the shutdown, we’re opening the PianoFight Kitchen.” 

And for the first time since the pandemic began, we’re opening up our kitchen for Dinner and Drinks Dan Hand-Delivered! That’s right, for $250 our Executive Director Dan Williams jumps into the kitchen to whip up and then Dan-Deliver to your door your choice of his quarantine-perfected Bolognese, or Roasted Veggie Stew, with classic PianoFight starter dishes, and pre-batched cocktails or wine for two. Plus you get early access, tours, and the exclusive show included in the VIP Ticket.

Please join us Thurs, October 29th at 7pm for the Grand Opening of URL PianoFight: A Benefit for IRL PianoFight. It’s gonna be a (virtual) rager. GET TICKETS!

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