Pete Kronowitt Released Timely Album “Do Something Now”

Following in the footsteps of folk music activist traditions of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and John Prine, San Francisco-based singer/songwriter, and activist Pete Kronowitt released the timely album Do Something Now. The album’s tracks are political and playful, embracing a variety of styles – acoustic folk, country, Cajun, rock, and Latin.

“ I’m old enough to remember those great songs from the late-60s and 70s, motivational songs that created a vision of humanity and highlighted really big issues in the world” – Pete Kronowitt

Activism has always informed Kronowitt’s life and music, so starting the Face the Music Collective was a natural next step in his desire to foster positive change.

Kronowitt was planning a major tour to support Do Something Now, but given the realities of the pandemic, he’s transferred his activities to arranging online shows for competitive state and national campaigns and causes. In one of the first events, Willy Porter headlined “Songs for Robyn Vining” to raise $7000 for the re-election campaign for the Wisconsin State Assembly District 14 representative.

“What motivated me to create my fifth album was to deliver a message along with the music and use the music as a vehicle to have fun, engaging conversations at shows” – Pete Kronowitt  

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Songwriting is a personal expression rooted in exploring subjects that move me and interpret life events. writing provides an opportunity to delve into a relationship or a silly lyrical idea and express the concept in a three-minute story, where you squish words around to get some inexplicably appealing phrasing. sometimes the outcome is focused on that lyrical phrasing rather than the meaning, but once in awhile a truth is exposed and the result could not have been achieved in any other way.

With that piece of wood in my hand, I have played gigs from Tokyo to Beijing to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to Key West and across the US, with my brother-in-arms and friend, bassist John David Coppola.

​He wrote songs for about 10 years before stepping into a recording studio in Arlington, VA. that studio was run by John Alagia. John’s brilliant production can be heard on my freshman album, Phases.  John is best known for his work with Dave Matthews Band, Jon Mayer, Jason Mraz, Ben Folds Five, and many others. then I moved to Los Angeles and worked with Pete Snell, who toured with Lyle Lovett. Pete Snell did an outstanding job producing my second album, Threads, and also produced my third acoustic and sparse “elements” albums.

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