MUNA Knows a Place – it’s The Fillmore in San Francisco

MUNA (the greatest band in the world) stormed through a set at The Fillmore in San Francisco on Sunday, touching on nearly every track from their 2022 self-titled album as well as choice cuts from their previous two full-lengths and a cover of The Killers’ Mr. Brightside. The high energy of their set was only matched by the sweetness of their songs. Inclusivity was the word – MUNA created a space where absolutely everyone in the audience felt welcome, and it was such a privilege and joy to be a part of that tender crowd taking photographs and singing along.

I know a place we can go / Where everyone gonna lay down their weapon /Just give me trust and anything can happen

– MUNA, “I Know A Place”

Singer Katie Gavin twirled a hand-crocheted scarf as she led the audience through songs of love, loss, peace, and redemption. Guitarist Josette Maskin strutted all over the stage, gesturing towards her ears during singalong moments to make sure the audience was activated throughout their 90 minute set. Multi-instrumentalist Naomi McPherson wove smoothly between guitar and keyboards, layering production and providing crucial vocal harmonies throughout. And the rhythm section comprising Geo Botelho and Sarab Singh on (bass and drums respectively) were lockstep in keeping the energy high and everyone dancing.

If you don’t listen to MUNA, now’s your chance. Their second album title “MUNA Saves the World,” may not have come to fruition yet – but based on this performance, it’s only a matter of time.


Muna is an American indie pop band consisting of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson. They released two studio albums with RCA Records, About U and Saves the World, before signing with independent label Saddest Factory Records, which released their third studio album, Muna, in June 2022.


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