Dirtybird Campout 2022 Festival Recap

Dirtybird Campout is a summer campout experience you will never forget. The ambiance alone is enough to reel anyone in. The freedom and creativity of it all simply tops it off, proving there’s a little something here for everyone. Whether you’re looking to indulge in competitive “summer camp” activities, choose a stage and dance like nobody’s watching, find your way in the Ganja Garden to smoke a joint, or purchase t-shirts and hats at the merch table, Dirtybird has it all. 

The Dirtybird Campout Map is a helpful tool to have on your journey here. Detailed information and schedules are all within. You can choose your favorite stages; Birdhouse. Bass Lodge, Ganja Garden, Claude’s Cabin or find and participate in fun games & activities like “Lovebirds Dating Show”, “Tie Dye”, and the infamous “.5k Floaty Race”. 

Feeling hungry? Head to the vendors where you can find only the best replenishing dishes. Need a rest? Make your way to the willow tree art exhibit where you can lay in a swing and sway underneath handmade leaves while listening to your favorite DJ. 

You will notice all along the way are smiles, space to be a wild spirit, warmth and excitement sprinkled with wanderlust.  With the wild flare of creativity Dirtybird ignites, everyone is free to be themselves unconditionally. You will find fashionable and outrageous outfits galore! A music goer was sporting a sexy pink crop top that said “I shaved my balls for this”. One expression of many that brings a cheek-to-cheek smile to your face. 

Once you have enjoyed your day to the fullest and the sun begins to set, you can head into the lake for a dip with your favorite inflatable, find a stage with psychedelic light shows, or retreat back to your campsite where the party doesn’t end. 

If you decide to join the festivities alone or with friends, you will never find a dull moment. 

Follow the festival on Instagram and Twitter, as well as @dirtybird on TikTok, @dirtybirdcampout on Facebook, or by using the hashtag #DBCampout22.

Full Lineup (A-Z): Ardalan, Arnold & Lane, Ash Lauryn, Audiojack, Baby Weight, Barclay Crenshaw, Ben UFO , Boiz House, Chocolate Sushi, Choopsie, Claude VonStroke, Coco & Breezy, Cour T., Danny Goliger, Derrick Carter b2b DJ Sneak b2b Mark Farina, Dillon Marinez, DJ Glen, E.R.N.E.S.T.O, Eprom, Get Real (Green Velvet & Claude VonStroke), GOLDIE, Jaden Thompson, Justin Jay, Kevin Knapp, Life On Planets, Lubelski, Luke Andy, Mary Droppinz, micah J, Mr. Carmack, Mz Worthy, N808 vs Mike Kerrigan, Nala, Nikki Nair, Of The Trees, Pearson Sound, Pezzner, RaeCola, Rebūke, Robot Love, Roni Size, Sevdaliza, Souls of Mischief, Steve Bug, The Librarian, Uffie, VNSSA, Walker & Royce, Wyatt Marshall, Yheti, Frick Frack Blackjack, Kat Fight Game Show, Lap Dance For Your Life, The Great Bingo Revival


  • The DB festival layout was done very well
  • There was free water for people who might be dehydrated
  • Food was available for a good price
  • The space between stages was comfortable
  • Ability to dip in the lake to cool down is AWESOME


  • Could stock DB merch up everyday, most of it was out of stock by the end of day and we were told we can order online, which is no fun!
  • More interactive art pieces. There was only one, the willow tree, where you can lay down on a swing and I would have loved to see more of those because people were lining up for a turn.
  • I would have also loved to see the schedule posted in multiple areas rather than having to walk a far distance to find it by one of the stages.
  • Wish DB had inflatables for sale because we forgot one 🙂
  • Most of the activities were overcrowded so to have an option to expand would be great so more people could get involved if they wanted to.
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