Enon is Right at Home in “Natural Habitat”

“Kaleidoscope Dreams,” the first track on Enon‘s new Natural Habitat EP, opens with a buoyant groove, shimmery guitars, and of course the singer’s laid-back but propulsive vocals. Almost immediately it feels like a radical shift away from his band Unlikely Heroes, dividing and distilling their blend of punk rock, metal, and rap – while still retaining a carefree psychedelic hip-hop core. Call it evolution, call it what you will – Kaleidoscope Dreams has more in common with Kid Cudi than, say, early Beastie Boys for example.

Crystalline production from The Canvas Group on Natural Habitat makes the music feel equally at home at a high-energy party or mellow kickback, and Enon shines when he switches from skillful rapid-fire vocals to memorable singalong choruses. In contrast to Kaleidoscope Dreams, the groove on “Safe Space” skitters and staggers – keeping you guessing moment-to-moment as to whether the song’s energy will climb in intensity or dissipate into the ether. And the closer “YaYa” offers a slick beat that matches its easygoing lyrical content, with a breezy, almost-whispered verse from featured artist Kushton Dior.

Ultimately, the Natural Habitat EP plays like a triumphant step forward for Enon as a solo artist – a clear artistic statement with modern sonics, its tracks woven together with hooks and interesting flow from Enon himself. Its three short songs just blaze by, beckoning repeated listens. In particular the opener, “Kaleidoscope Dreams,” could make its way onto just about any playlist – from Hip-Hop to R&B to Pop and everywhere in between. Listen for yourself: and if you’re not strutting around your room or at least wiggling your shoulders, you’d better check your pulse.



Enon is a psychedelic Hip-Hop / RnB artist out of Oakland, Ca. He features a high energy, lyrically poetic style over wavy, hard hitting instrumentals.


About the author

Ben plays keyboards and pineapples in Oakland Swing Punk band Van Goat, makes music with guitars and fishing rods as singer/songwriter Neeto, and is a big fan of polka dots. http://neeto.net