Jack Charles New Single “Until The Sun Dies” Review by Ward and Jules Quaas

At Balanced Breakfast our goal is to create community. Recently we’ve been doing this by inviting artists to review each other. It’s a great way for you to discover new music and artitsts to meet each other. The next two blog posts are unique, LA artist’s Ward and Jules Quaas released a colaboration track recently, Jack Charles reviewed it and both of them reviewed his track.

“I’m vibing tonight on this new Jack Charles tune, “Until the Sun Dies.” The production is a perfect balance of modern drum tones blended with classic instrumentation. The song’s long and lazy intro is a welcome change that gives us some breathing room to cue up Charles’ voice. When he does rumble in, low and graveled, he brings an instant poetic sentiment, maybe nodding a little to Cash, some Waits? maybe some low-key Dick Dale guitar in there as well. I am enchanted with this track of Charles’ and am now jumping to my streams to find more of his music. An instant favorite.”Ward

More about the reviewer, in 2016, Ward quit his desk job in NYC, moved to LA and started a band. Since then, the group (Chris Gongora, Mauricio Munguia, Ryan Dietzenbach, and Ward) have grown a fanbase of tens of thousands online and played their high-energy post-punk live set throughout the Western US and Mexico.

“Until the Sun Dies is the type of song that invites the feels without overwhelming the listener, mainly because of the relaxing ambiance that the music evokes. The production creates a simple yet entrancing vibe with room for crescendo, building a beautiful introduction for Charles’ deep baritone vocal. Charles in fact provides the bass for the track through his smooth cavernous voice. The beat picks up as a synthy guitar solo kicks in, carrying the original vibe through while also adding new nuances that welcome Charles’ epic voice back in. Very eerie yet soothing at the same time, Jack Charles successfully blends two antithetical moods at once – chill down time and evocative thought.” Jules Quaas of Jules & the Howl

More about Jules & The Howl, the band brings classic rock and blues roots to the LA scene. With theatrical larger-than-life performances that embody the spirit of 60s-70s rock, Jules & the Howl inspire a communal atmosphere of cathartic liberation.

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Jack Charles’ voice brings a layer of graveyard velvet to complete a sound that is a dark and personal tribute to rock and roll. Jack has a debt with music and has come to pay it in full, with his band Musical Partners In Crime. Their currency: The Ante Mortem Songbook, the singer/songwriter’s opera prima, whose songs, with an alternative retro-rock vibe, are varied in form and channel various influences like surf, R&B and post-punk.

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