Noise Pop Festival 2022 | San Francisco Bay Area

Noise Pop is a festival that bridges SF, Oakland, and Berkeley with shows ranging from August Hall to Cornerstone to The New Parish. See music the way it was meant to be heard in packed rooms and surrounded by dancing fans. Hop from venue to venue to catch every band on the lineup that you just can’t miss. Don’t fret, you can either buy a ticket to one specific show or a badge to go to literally any and all shows on our lineup.

Noise Pop Festival is San Francisco’s favorite indie music, arts, and film festival. Now in its 29th year, Noise Pop has brought early exposure to many emerging artists in the Bay Area and beyond, many of whom have gone on to widespread acclaim.

AZEALIA BANKSJEFF TWEEDYALEX GTHE DRUMS • Dorian Electra • King Woman • The Microphones • Vtss • Vegyn • Kamaal Williams • Quasi • Lsdxoxo • Arooj Aftab • Tommy Guerrero • Sega Bodega • William Basinski • Lastlings • Hand Habits • Moor Mother • Alice Phoebe Lou • Makaya Mccraven • Nate Smith + Kinfolk • Bali Baby • Irreversible Entanglements • Tomberlin • Smerz • John Carroll Kirby • Charlotte Dos Santos • Hunny • Uffie • India Jordan • Ian Sweet • Topaz Jones • Partiboi69 • Lil Mariko • Tanukichan • The Greeting Committee • Lalin St. Juste • Rituals Of Mine (Dj Set) • Stoney Creation & Friends • Lara Sarkissian • Chrissy • Experimental Housewife • Chuck Gunn • Boy Scouts (Solo) • Mark Eitzel • Man On Man • Naked Giants • Papercuts • Connie Han • Debit • Foie Gras • John-Robert • Tipling Rock • Valerie Troutt • The Damani Rhodes Experience • Hello Yello • Provoker • Boan • Spiritual Cramp • Blues Lawyer • Grumpster • Ouri • Tyler Holmes • Swsh • Piano Rain • Thunder Boys • Shutups • Body Double • My Heart, An Inverted Flame • The Acharis • Toner • Dj Aaron Axelsen • Sour Widows • Maggie Gently • Jared Mattson • Death Tour • The Undercurrent • The Turnouts • Oh The Danger! • Buzzed Lightbeer • Sarchasm • Kim • Ozer • Passionfruit • Chime School • April Magazine • Ragana • Bnny • Oston • Faten Kanaan • Enumclaw • Maria Bc • Flung • Technical Debt • The Rare Occasions • Richie Cunning & Djbaddj • Thank You Come Again • Analog Dog • Half Stack • World Smasher • Flowertown • Violent Change • Spiral Dub • Blue Zero • Catch Prichard • Loserlees • Columba Livia • Hazzard’s Cure • Stormfucker • Lost Puppy Forever & More To Come!

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Some notable acts that have played Noise Pop include the White Stripes, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins, Bright Eyes, Best Coast, Jeff Tweedy, The Dodos, Girls. The festival has also featured musical legends such as Yoko Ono and The Plastic Ono Band, Bob Mould, Yo La Tengo, X, Frank Black (of the Pixies), Sleater-Kinney, and Television. In addition, the festival boasts a film series that explores the intersection of music and art; NPHQ; Art Gallery Shows; Happy Hours, and much more.

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