On The Air with Summer Years From San Diego

Stefan Aronsen interviews Noah Rabe and Nick Lanari from San Diego band Summer Years on the podcast’s first episode of 2022.

For about two decades between the 70s and 90s, California was the hotbed of the American punk scene, producing such mainstays of the genre as Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and Green Day, bands which would inspire generations of future musicians across the country, including today’s guests.

Hailing from San Diego, home of Blink-182, Summer Years wear their influences on their sleeves and bring a reverence to what has come before them, with their stated goal being to show everyone how great punk really is.

Despite only having a handful of songs to their name, they’re already showing themselves capable of making great music, with tunes like This Light, and The Picture You Paint, both real earworms that capture the spirit of late-90s pop-punk, and tell you that Summer Years is here to stay.

Recorded prior to the release of their first EP, You Can’t Live There Forever, Nick Lanari (vocals) and Noah Rabe (guitar) of Summer Years join Stefan Aronsen to talk about the band’s influences, favorite venues to play, talk about some tour horror stories, and share what’s to come for the band in 2022.

First song: Summer Years, “This Light
Second song: Summer Years, “The Picture You Paint


Summer Years

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