WHERE IN THE WORLD IS … Stefan and I The Mighty?


Over the course of 14 days, I got to see a lot of flat lands, deserts, and highways. Due to snow, and road closures, a lot of the scenery I had already seen on previous days.

While seeing 7 states in 14 days was fun. I couldn’t help but think to myself (and sometimes out loud) that the routing was wrong. I was a touch annoyed that the tour dates didn’t allow time to see the cities and more importantly didn’t allow time for the band’s voices to recoup after a loud set! Avoiding sickness when you play 6 shows in a row is hard. Avoiding sickness after 6 shows in a row and sleeping in a van… is impossible. By the 6th day, everybody in the van had some sort of cough and dark circles under their eyes.

If I could re-route the trip, I would have played Seattle before Spokane and taken a break on Monday and Tuesday. (Who goes to concerts on those days anyway?) I would have played Montana before heading south to Idaho. Also on the last day, we crossed 4 states in 1 day to arrive home in SF. Which meant 24 hours in the car, wasted gas and wasted cities. There must be a pro guide to touring the west… I’m going to find it… or write it myself!

So what do you think?
I’d love your feedback!

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