Touring w/ I The Mighty is Stinky

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Over the course of 14 days, I The Mighty and I visited 7.5 states (Half a state because we crossed the border of Nebraska into Iowa just to say we saw it.) played 11 shows and showered approximately 5 times.

When you’re on tour you suddenly realize how much you value sleeping in a bed, eating food at home… and having the ability to take a shower every day if you so choose. I quickly discovered the pleasures of a baby wipe shower, a gas station sink for brushing my teeth and variety within a fast food menu.

My advice… when on tour… pack lots of gum… and keep your toothbrush close!!! You’re not going to get very many showers… but you can generally control the number of times you brush your teeth. Suddenly the tiny things make all the difference!!!

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