Cox County Clappers, Guest Review by Jenn Cleary

Have you ever thought, “I would love to hear some of that good ol’ 80’s hard-driving rock, but with a bit of country punch”? Well, here you go! Cox County Clappers brings it. Matt Rhoden’s talented song-writing, along with the musicianship of band members Reggie Las Vegas and Pat Meusel provides a great platform for producer Johnnie Truesdale to add larger-than-life instrumentation. Cox County Clappers recently released three singles. Gunslingers is reminiscent of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts with Kirstie Lee bringing it with the high energy vocals and Truesdale’s hard-rock background has the electric guitar driving it Eddie Van Halen style. King Nine-Ball and No Slow-Dancing has more of the country sound upfront, still with the hard rock feel that makes you want to get up and dance in an untucked flannel shirt and comfy old jeans. This fusion of country and hard rock makes the Cox County Clappers a must-listen for listeners in both genres.

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Band Bio
The Cox County Clappers formed when songwriter Matt Rhoden recruited Reggie Las Vegas, and Pat Meusel to develop a new sound–a blend of rock, country and dance. The name of this genre was unknown, but what was developing was party-rock. It was saloon-music. They found a like-minded partner in Grammy-winning Johnnie Truesdale, who added big guitars, banjo and electronic percussion to the sound. When they recruited Nashville singer-songwriter Kirstie Lee to add her sassy, and energetic vocals, the sound was complete, and its name became clear. The sound is Tennessee Mountain-Rock. You can hear it on their new singles, “100 Gunslingers,” “King Nine-Ball,” and “No Slow-Dancing.”


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