Sofi Tukker, Haiku Hands, and LP Giobbi at Fox Oakland

I tell my friends about Dance/Electronic band Sofi Tukker as often as I can. I discovered them accidentally a few years ago at an outdoor show during SxSW. Since then I intentionally watched their calendar to ensure that our schedules always line up. Once you see Sophie and Tukker perform live you’ll understand the addiction. Their song lyrics are catchy and their performances are fun.

I didn’t know Haiku Hands before seeing them at the Fox … now I’ll never forget them. I was confused by the masks they entered the stage with but pleased that they only stayed for a bit. Their energy is contagious and their persona is approachable like the girl next door that you want to rap with.

I got to sit down with LP Giobbi before the show. It was cool to hear her story and I felt a bit like the kid in “Almost Famous” as I asked leading questions in the basement of the Fox. We talked a bit about living in Oregon, the Bay Area and now Los Angeles. However, what stuck out in her stories most was her message of being prepared. Be ready at all times for that one call. The one that asks you to drop everything and go on a multi-city tour with an internationally known headliner. It could come after a small show, with a small audience, but with the right people standing backstage listening. In this case, it was Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern.

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