Northern Nights Music Festival 2014: My First Overnight Festival

I’ve done concerts & I’ve done camping … but on the way to Northern Nights Music Festival 2014, I realized I’ve never done an overnight festival.

Concerts are fun … you find your friends … you lose your friends … you find your friends again … and then you go home. All of this applies to overnight festivals … except sometimes when you lose your friend for the 3rd time you simply accept that you’ll see them in the tent or at breakfast the next morning.

At NNMF 2014 I’m pretty sure there was music from Friday till I left on Monday! Unlike most events where you go home at 12 … NNMF started with Silent Frisco and went till the sun came up. I missed Friday and most of Saturday … but when I arrived in the Evening the party was in full effect.

I saw Beats Antique, The Floozies, Aaron Axelsen, 8th Grader, and a whole bunch of DJ’s I don’t know in the Silent Frisco tent. I drank rockstar, ate a weird vegan “cheese” “burger” and realized I LOVE FESTIVALS!!!

On my first night, I almost saw the sun! I stayed up listening to music in my headphones until 5am. Then I ran out of juice. At 5am when I was beat and ready for bed … I realized then that I hadn’t set my tent up!  NBD … I climbed into the back seat of the rental car and PASSED OUT. It worked … and it seemed super ROCK ‘n’ ROLL!!!

When I woke up … 4 hours later … it was HOT … I set out to explore NNMF 2014. The pictures above are a highlight of the things I discovered. I saw a river with a DJ, a hippy bus, thousands of tents, a tea party, DJ’s on the main stage that went all day, porta-potties, recycling, food vendors of all kinds. IT WAS AMAZING!

I highly recommend you check out NNMF next year. Also … the festival season is still in full swing. There are plenty more festivals to check out. I have a few in mind … the biggest of which isn’t until October … SADLY. (TBD in Sacremento)

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Music Promoter, Marketing Manager, Art Director, Photographer, Radio Host & DJ who co-found @blncdbrkfst.

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