The Matches and Fortress Social Club – Tuesday / Wednesday Double Header at Leo’s in Oakland

I’ll be the first to admit it when I don’t know a band I’m “supposed” to know. So instead of nodding and saying uh-uh, I’ll be honest: I didn’t know who The Matches were until very recently.

But when I heard that the well-adored bay area powerhouse pop/punk band was getting together for a 10 year anniversary/reunion show/tour and they’d be stopping by the East Bay’s finest new venue Leo’s Music Club, I thought “Here’s some music I can take for a test drive.”

And believe you me, I was not disappointed. I hit play and suddenly I was transported back to 7th grade, cranky and crass and falling in love with power chords all over again.  Because The Matches make the scream-out-every-word-of-every-song-and-end-up-with-a-throat-so-sore-that-you-can’t-talk-for-days-but-that’s-ok-because-your-feeling-of-catharsis-and-joy-and-community-at-the-end-of-this-show-is-the-greatest-high kind of pop/punk that reminds you why you’ve always been so obsessed with music in the first place.

And that’s just the tippy top of the musical mountain. You see, Leo’s Music Club is hosting a two night special of music by members of the extended Matches family. In the words of Mr. Kind’s Brian Bergeron:

“During the first week of November, Jon’s [guitarist and keyboardist of Mr. Kind] former band The Matches will be reuniting to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their album E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals. Kicking off the week, on Tuesday November 4th, Mr. Kind will be joined by Fortress Social Club (of which Shawn Harris, lead singer of The Matches is a member) and Brent Walsh (of I The Mighty, who is releasing his first solo album that Jon produced) at Leo’s Music Club in Oakland.”

Additionally, Suzanne Yada will be joining Brent Walsh on violin, and she will be celebrating the digital release of new music under her Little Spiral monicker. We can look forward to future Little Spiral shows, but in the meantime, we can enjoy a few killer songs off her forthcoming EP, including “Arrive:”

Flavors of Fiona Apple piano and Alanis Morissette attitude but with more electronic production (provided by Mr. Kind’s Jon Devoto), Little Spiral has already revealed a diverse musical palate and I am excited for where she will take us in the future.


IN CONCLUSION, we’ve got two nights of great music at Leo’s in Oakland. Here they are:

Tuesday, November 4th
Fortress Social Club
Mr. Kind
Brent Walsh 

Doors: 8:00 PM / 9:00 PM 18 & over | Under 21 must buy a $5 drink ticket. 

[ MORE INFO/PURCHASE TICKETS ]  | $7.00 – $10.00

Wednesday, November 5th
10 Year Anniversary of E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals
The Matches
Zen Zenith 

Doors: 7:00 PM / 8:00 PM 21 & over

[ MORE INFO/PURCHASE TICKETS ] | $20.00 – $23.00

Have a great week!

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