On The Air with Bun Bun From Denver, Colorado

This week Stefan Aronsen is On The Air with Snarklet (AKA Jamie Nagode) and Reedlet (AKA Reed Fox) from the Denver band Bun Bun. We talked about Colorado’s music scene, touring, cooking, and our current COVID-19 quarantine situation. Listen now to hear our banter and as well as a live 30-minute performance from the band. This episode was recorded on May 19th, 2020 – Stefan Aronen was in Brooklyn, New York and Bun Bun was in Denver, Colorado.

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They are called Bun Bun! Everybody thinks Reedlet and Snarklet met on Craigslist, but the truth is, they didn’t. They are super in love. They got each other the same thing on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t even air horns. It was narwhal costumes and they wear them every day underneath all of their clothing. They fall asleep to airhorns and sirens every night because they are both maximalists and love chaos. Since starting in 2019 they’ve opened for The Flaming Lips’, Brothers Griiin, and femme powerhouse Beginners, Additionally, they’ve played three music festivals located in Arcosanti, Denver, and San Francisco! Wow! They each knew, when they were born, that one day they would become SoundCloud rappers. Now that they are grown up they make Future~Shock Bee~Wave G~House Comedic~Instructional Dance Music, and they only make hits. They write songs about all the things they love. Like bees, buns, hacking, curry, La Croix, narwhals, spooning, and you! But most of all they love each other. They are suuuuuuper in love. Again, they didn’t meet on Craigslist.

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