Oakland Band Planet Booty Releases a New Banger, Dancing in My Bedroom

During this pandemic, we have had to navigate a lot of information via the news and various social media channels. We watched the virus spread from one side of the world to the other. Then, suddenly we were required to stay home to save lives. After months of staying home, in the middle of the pandemic, people were dying for reasons unrelated to COVID-19. Cops were making choices that took lives instead of saving lives. Thus suddenly we needed to leave our homes to save lives.

If you’re saving lives by staying home or alternatively by gathering in public places, please stay safe. Finally, after your couch-based workday ends, and all of the protestors have gone home, and the curfew sets in, I know what you can do next. You can celebrate another successful day by taking a 3 minute and 40-second break to dance in your bedroom. On June 3rd, Oakland based band Planet Booty released a new single called, “Dancing in My Bedroom.”

In reference to the song, lead singer Dylan Germick said, “Josh originally came up with the idea of making a banger about staying home long before COVID and the social unrest we find ourselves in today. We felt that it was important to put this out now so at the very least it could provide a moment to smile and at best result in a 3 and a half minute personal dance party that recharges the soul while we all remake the world. We were overwhelmed with all the videos from our fans and we have to give special thanks to Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s, TWRP, Flynt Flossy & Turquoise Jeep, and Ninja Brian of Ninja Sex Party for their all support now and throughout the years.”

If this is the first time you’re hearing Planet Booty it may not be what you expected. Their music encourages you to dance to electro-funk styles, grind to the original R’n’B grooves, and sweat under the intense vocals of frontman Dylan Charles Germick. In their music and during their live performances the band begs it’s audience, in all sincerity, to love themselves no matter what.

Conceived in Oakland, California they first emerged to the scene in the late 2000s as an eclectic 6-piece funk and soul dance band. In 2014, Dylan Germick, Josh Cantero, and Rob Gwin reinvented the group as a tour-focused trio with a tighter sound and an even sexier, sweatier, and more intimate message of positivity and inclusivity. In the last six years, Planet Booty has toured extensively throughout the United States, UK, Europe, and played SxSW as well as multiple Pride events. You may have seen them live with Lizzo, Ninja Sex Party, Sisqo, Turquoise Jeep, Peaches, K. Flay, Capital Cities, Escort, or TWRP.

If you like this song, you should check out their fifth record, Guilty Pleasures released in 2019 on all major streaming platforms. Your hips are going to shake, your back is going to sweat, and you’re bound to add their next show to your calendar. (Even if it is an online streaming event.)

The “Dancing In My Bedroom” music video by Planet Booty and Aaron Hellam was directed and edited by Rob Gwin stars Josh Cantero, Dylan Charles Germick, Rob Gwin. It also features Skizzle Fresh & his better half, Ryan Barrett, Summer Nystrom, Kim Lopez, Kyle Candler, Jane Wiedlin, Simon Macko, Flynt Flossy, Cullen Fitzgerald, Felecia Sanchez, Pierre Cashmiere, Riana DIYFerret, Dave, Leyla & Shep Moore, Erin Jones, Mikki Johnson, Madison Ray, Littleholliwolf, Cara & Stephen, Nikinapalm, Oakley & Dre Barton-Spears, Rich Aucoin, Libby Miga, Audio Angel, Johnny Nuriel, Megan Johnson, Jenna Wilson, Nathalie Candel, Whatchyamacallit, Frankie Tanimal, Kelly Skunes, Hannah Young, Lauryn Brooke, Sabrina Nichole, Sheena Grams, Timothy Benjamin, Justin Vinluan, Kathleen Griffin, Cha Cha Burnadette, Havve Hogan, Commander Meouch, Lord Phobos, Dr. Sung, and Ninja Brian.



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