“You’re The Cure For Worried Sick” Sings Mike Herrera of MxPx in Their New Single, WORRIES

Tom Wisniewsk and Yuri Ruley, band members of MxPx, open the music vide with jokes about their lead singer, Mike Herrera. According to them, he’s just been hiding out in Texas during this pandemic. Tom jests, “when we can play shows again in the next decade … do you think he’s going to be ready to hype up a crowd?” Yuri replies, “I won’t know who he is if he can’t.”

Based in Northern Washington, punk band MxPx has released a new track in response to COVID and the pandemic. The song is called “Worries,” and features OG Balanced Breakfast member Emily Whitehurst of Survival Guide on support vocals. The song is produced by Mike Herrera, Tom Chichila, Bryan Buchelt, and the video was directed by Bryan Buchelt.

In reference to the track, Mike Herrera elaborates, “we all have worries, but when you look closely at your life in the everyday moments, it’s the simple things that we find the most comfort in. Now that rings true more than ever with the state of the world. Reading to your children, cooking for your better half, a walk around the neighborhood on a sunny day and no dogs attack you. And when we’re alone? Solidarity with ourselves. This is a fun-loving song that needs to get outside and stretch its legs. Let her run wild and free! I hope you love our new song, ‘Worries.’”

Do you have a hype person in your life that makes the dullest moments more exciting? 2020 wasn’t what most of us had planned for the year. We’ve had to cancel plans, postponed shows, and locked ourselves in our houses. During these quiet times please reach out to the lead singers, frontmen, and extroverts in your lives. They probably need you to add a little noise to their lives. In the end, Yuri declares Mike will be ready for shows, “he’s our hypeman and the world’s hypeman.”

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