IndiviDúo Played Balanced Breakfast’s Online Music Fest 2020

IndiviDúo played Balanced Breakfast‘s Online Music Fest 2020. If you like the sound of their music please like their page and consider sending them a tip via Venmo: venmo.com/individuomusic or Paypal: individuoshow@gmail.com or becoming their patron on www.patreon.com/individuomusic

The dynamic Latin pop duo “IndiviDúo” was formed in Buenos Aires in 2010 when Tiffany Joy (Californian Singer / Songwriter) met Maqui Reyes (Colombian Singer / Musician / Composer) and they decided to set their solo careers aside to join musical forces. Over the past ten years, they have grown to be one of the most promising, up and coming musical duos in the Latin music scene. Their show mixes original repertoire with unique versions of some of the most celebrated Latin music hits.

The unique and international story of this duo transforms their music into something special, cosmopolitan, as eclectic and joyful as the two themselves. Singers, performers, and composers, the energy generated on stage is a unique alchemy, a true experience for the viewer who can feel that something special vibrates wherever these two share their voices and souls.


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