“Enough of It” by Portland Band STAB in the DARK


I grew up on a farm, the closest house was across a long field filled with daisies. The family that lived in that house had a girl that was my age and she rode the bus to school with me. That girl was my best friend for the years she lived by us. She had an older brother that had the cool toys and sometimes I got to play G.I. Joe with him.

Flash forward … no more G.I. Joe … but he still has the cool toys. You might recognize them as a Fender, PDP Drums, and a Marshall. Him and his cool friends released this new song that I want to share with you.

There was a time some years ago where I thought it was flat-out embarrassing or shameful to promote your own band on social media. Not exactly sure why, but those days have gone out the window. I mean with all the negatives of social media, it is pretty great if you got a band, a brand, a business or just have something to say that you would like to put out there. I’ve probably almost even gotten too comfortable just saying whatever comes across my mind or how I’m feeling whether it’s right or wrong, popular or not. It is what it is. I’d like to think at the least… I’m honest. So here is a shameless plug of some of the cool stuff we’ve done, here and in the comments, over the last few years that I am proud of. Regardless of whether you’re doing it for a living or not… I think it’s important to pursue things you’re passionate about. Life is short. So, find and do the things that you love. ❤ Also, I’m thankful to all the peeps who have supported and worked with us along the way! Peace – Gary DeanSTAB in the DARK



STAB in the DARK is a 3 piece Punk Rock n Roll band from the Northwest. They are explosive yet melodic.

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