Band of Coyotes’ New Single “Don’t Ya Dare” Reviewed by Los Angeles Band Jules & The Howl


You know those infectious tunes that pop a little energy into your feet as you’re strolling down the street? Band of Coyotes’ new video “Don’t Ya Dare” takes that moment and throws it into the heart of their city. By showcasing different spots around Sacramento, the band engineers a way to acknowledge the times we’re living in without losing sight of their goal – to just have fun with the music. I especially smiled at the scene where they’re all cramming their gear into a tiny car – I’ve been there!

As their bio says, this song is as eclectic as the sounds that drove these vagabonds together. You can certainly hear their influences of folk, blues, and rock blended into a sort of punk-pop rebel yell. It makes sense then that this song has a little bit of everything – a punchy piano-driven hook, sub-woofy bass that rounds out the crunchy piano in the verses, synthy ornaments over the bridge, and the outro and acoustic open chords in the chorus.

The track is very well produced featuring smart mixing choices in choosing to accent certain instruments in the verse and bring them down in the chorus, only to then spotlight a different set of instruments – making the listener go “Woah! how many instruments can they fit into one song??”

Don’t Ya Dare” hits the ground running with a catchy percussive guitar rhythm and a bouncy beat. Immediately it adds a kick in your step as you’re walking down the street with this jam streaming through your ears. You may think the sound is reminiscent of a sort of punk-pop, only to be interrupted halfway through the first verse with a wonderful piano hit. As a piano rocker myself, I SO appreciated this!

Perhaps my favorite part of the song is the anticipation that the pre-chorus creates for the listener. The open chords provoke the listener pause and think about the challenge that the singer is offering:

“Don’t you dare bring me down.”  

The chorus is full of anthemic phrases punctuated by a punchy bright piano/bass rounding out the rhythm section, making this the kind of song you listen to walking down the streets of a new city pumping yourself up for the next gig, the next risk, the next chance you have to finally kiss the girl. Uplifting but not overwhelming, victorious but not cocky. These guys have found a way to blend humility with heroism, something we as humans all can strive for.

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Band of Coyotes came together as vagabond songwriters who drifted into California’s diverse music scene and began blending their sounds and stories into a unique mix of rock, folk, and blues.

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