Music City Rehearsal Reopening January 5th, 2024

Hey everyone! I’m Lauren Vollert with Music City San Francisco. I handle all of the marketing and content creation for the team. I’m here to let you all in on the goings on around Music City, plus a huge deal we’re doing this week in our rehearsal studios. By that, I mean, we’re giving sessions away for FREE…

Over at Music City, we’re opening our doors to the public on January 5th and allowing folks to book a free 2-hour session in one of our studios in the spirit of our launch. Between the dates of January 5th and January 12th, you and your band have the chance to be one of the first to try SF’s newest (and most badass) rehearsal spaces! There are 13 fully backlined Standard (7) and Premium (6) Studios to choose from, with more being developed in the coming months. Plus, there is the option to rent equipment if you don’t have or can’t bring your own. Even more perks? AC in the rooms, streaming capabilities, and a space to come together as a music community.

Just go to our website (musiccitysf.com), choose your studio of choice, pick a time, and use promo code FREE99 at checkout on MyTime. They will go fast, so snag one while you can. And, hey! If you aren’t able to make it that week, don’t worry about it – affordability is one of our main mottos, so you still won’t need to break the bank to practice down the line.

Beyond rehearsal, we have been pushing forward with a surplus of other musical offerings. Across the three floors of our historic brick building on Polk and Bush St, we are planning on opening several live music venues. These will hold a series of events, from private shows to epic concerts. A bar and restaurant will exist on the main level, which will allow for crowds to grab gastropub bites and locally crafted beverages while they rehearse or listen to some live music.

Behind the building lives Fern Alley, a space that permits outdoor music events to take place. We have a nonprofit 501C3 sector of the company, Music City Entertainment, which currently utilizes the area to grant artists commission-free bookings. Music City Entertainment is continually taking artist submissions to help get musicians gigs all around San Francisco, and local talent is always welcome to reach out (booking@musiccitysf.org)! 

Visitors to our space even have the opportunity to spend the night at our existing hotel & hostel. There are a variety of room types, some being music-themed private rooms and others being shared rooms with brand-new Japanese sleep capsules. While here, guests can explore the San Francisco Music Hall of Fame. Spanning the hallways of the building, we have over 90 large images of Bay Area music legends, with descriptions written by iconic authors. The Hall of Fame will be expanding soon to include visionaire cases throughout the entire building. These will recognize the artists by holding anything from guitars to vintage concert memorabilia. 

The fun continues as we plan to initiate an education program for inspired artists – those who are encouraged to grow as a musician but may not know where to start. The courses offered will supply all of the tools necessary to market oneself in the world of music. The industry can be difficult to navigate alone, which is where we come in.

What was once a culturally rich, musical city has become a place that’s lost some of its fire. Music City is going to reignite San Francisco in not just one way, but many. It will become a place where musicians and music lovers alike can come and feel the music. Opening the rehearsal studios is the first step in our grand plan and you won’t want to miss what comes next! Stay tuned for details about the grand opening on our social media pages and website. See you at rehearsal!



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    Handle all of the marketing and content creation for Music City San Francisco.