Eu4ic’s New Single “Belly of the Beast” Guest Reviewed By Jeffrey August Ego Trip

My favorite thing about participating in Balanced Breakfast, the musicians networking group, is that I have been exposed to a lot of music that I wouldn’t generally find on my own. Whether it is the Rock Lotto event, where a bunch of random musicians are thrown into a temporary band and given a month to create something, or this opportunity to review a local artist Eu4ic, I have been blown away by the music, and musicians behind the music, I have had the pleasure of learning about.

As a guy who plays his trade primarily on acoustic guitars, I have always had an aversion to electronic music in a snobby sort of way. What a song like Belly of the Beast by Eu4ic proves to an old-school guitar first truther like myself is that what makes a great song transcends the boundaries of any particular genre. A groove that speaks to the soul, a melody that sets the heart alight, and lyrical prose that engages the intellect are key foundations for any great song, and Belly of the Beast has them all.

Further, the ironic thing about the best synthetic music is that it evokes the spirit of natural phenomena. Belly of the Beast by Eu4ic is a particularly perfect example of this. The groove from the outset is slow and driving, like lava running down the mountainside. As the lava comes nearer, the groove gets more frantic as the listener tries to make sense of the swelling sensations. Eventually, the chorus arrives and explodes with a strong drum track driving the groove and the lava consumes everything in its path. I found myself melting into the vibe and embracing the heat.

While the groove is important to building the vibe, perhaps the most outstanding aspect of Belly of the Beast by Eu4ic is the angelic vocals. As a songwriter, I have debated with many other musicians about the importance of lyrics, but one thing all the best songwriters I have known agree on is that a great melody can make even a meatloaf recipe sound like art. When you have a powerful voice to drive that melody, you don’t even have to say words in a decipherable language to impact a listener. The melody and pitch-perfect deliveries in this track are something to behold, and the lyrics are no mere meatloaf recipe.

Belly of the Beast tells a powerful story. In a song with powerful lyrics relating the immigrant’s journey that has been politicized and minimized the actual human life involved in coming across our southern border, there are many lines that stand out. The one I find myself meditating on and coming back to over and over is the fiery first line of the chorus, “Here we go to the belly of the beast/ When we get there/ My son can eat.” Who can’t relate to what that would mean for any of us? You can hear the sorrow, feel the strength and hold on to the power as this line is ably delivered with a searing, soaring timbre that gets past the politics and hits on the human.

In summary, Eu4ic is an electronic music artist. Her song, Belly of the Beast hits on all the necessary levels to call a song great. It has the groove, it has the melody and it has the lyrics. More than that, it is ably performed and leaves a mark. Go find it on the streaming service of your choice and hit repeat.

Artist Bio: Eu4ic is part singer, part electronic music producer. A writer at heart, and a dancer by nature, she brings new sounds into the world. She uses the power of bass and deep soundscapes to tell a story and make you move your feet.



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