Rivita’s Track “Someone Else’s Arms” Reviewed by Jon Pattie

LA-based inspiration, Rivita, has such a gripping, dreamy control of her voice, she’ll pull you into the moment the first note graces your ears. In her track, Someone Else’s Arms, she describes the story of a lover whom “[they] always finds a way to make it end”. Their romantic yet heart-breaking embrace grows bolder as the track swells with a lively guitar and driving drum beat joining her soft key line. 

Her Lana del Ray-esque sound is something you won’t soon forget. As she sings “Every time I reach out to touch you/You always find a new home in someone else’s arms”, you can’t help but wonder where these haunted lyrics were born from. The light production adds volumes to the track and showcases Rivita’s vocal and lyrical mastery.

A fresh interpretation of a common love story, “Someone Else’s Arms” is a track I will be humming for days to come. Listen to the track on Spotify and watch the intimate music video to truly grasp the artistry of this track. She is a soon-to-be favorite among many!  

You can listen to this album on Spotify



Electro-Pop Artist – Music Producer – Film Maker – Award winner IMVA 2017 – Nominee for the WIMFF 2017.

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