BB Music Summit 2022 in San Francisco at PianoFight

Join Balanced Breakfast in San Francisco on June 18th, 2022 for our fifth national Music Summit. We will be bringing all of the BB groups together for this event at PianoFight. Meet professionals from San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, Austin, Charlotte, Reno, and more. Learn from panels discussing everything from social media to licensing.

Ticket Link: bbmusicsummit2022.eventbrite.com

Rock Star Tickets: $49
Day Of Tickets: $59
Early Bird Tickets: $29 (SOLD OUT)
Opener Tickets: $39 (SOLD OUT)

$29 Virtual Only Tickets are Now Available on Eventbrite!

ADDRESS: 144 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102



Front Cabaret Stage

Stefan Aronsen / @StefanAronsen    BB Co-Founder 
  Oakland, CA

10:40AM • WARM-UP
Front Cabaret Stage

Mandy Brooks / @mandybrooksuncagedLife Story Coach    Nashville, TN

11:00AM • Small Theater
Pete Kronowitt / @petethetroubadour   Singer-Songwriter    San Francisco, CA
Kayatta Patton / @kayattamusic  •  Artist Educator    Berkeley, CA
Arya Zarrinkelk / @manoslindasmusic  •  Artist & Counselor    San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Adan / @jenniferadan13    Songwriter    NOMAD
Alexa Jesse / @alexajesse    Content Strategist & Artist  San Francisco, CA

11:00AM • Large Theater
BUSINESS: Entrepreneurship
Michael Bang / @tellmetellmeband    Songwriter    Oakland, CA
Jeremy Vaughn / @j_rimark  •  Founder + CEO    San Francisco, CA
Elijah Collins / @ZeallousMusic  •  Music Business    San Francisco, CA
Elaine Ryan / @unicornsync  •  Music Licensing    San Mateo, CA
Bryce Dow-Williamson / @secondoctave  •  Music Marketing    Santa Rosa, CA

12:00PM • Small Theater
MUSIC: Producers
Tim Leehane / @tleehane  •  Indie Music    San Jose, CA
Christopher McGrew / @cdmcgrew  •  Wally’s HydeOut    San Francisco, CA
Jordan Feinstein / @jordanandtheritual  •  Producer & Engineer    San Francisco, CA
Georgann Ireland / @georgannireland  •  Production Specialist    Meridian, ID
Edmond Clare / @BigMusicEnergy  •  Producer    Emeryville, CA

12:00PM • Large Theater
BUSINESS: Music Industry
Jeff Straw / @jeffstrawbranding  •  Branding Consultant    San Mateo, CA
Ken Newman / @ken_newman  •  Blanket The Homeless    San Francisco, CA
Michael Jonas / @rationalunicornlegalservices    IP Law Attorney  •  Portland, OR
Bob Duskis / @sixdegreesrecordsofficial  •  Six Degrees Records    San Francisco, CA
Michael Rosenberg / @JohnHell  •  Radio Valencia    San Francisco, CA

1:00PM • Cabaret Stage

Radio Style Self Promotion
Pam Benjamin / @mutinyradiosf    Mutiny Radio    San Francisco, CA
Ace Annese / @acerealitychecktv    Reality Check TV    San Francisco, CA

2:00PM • Small Theater
MUSIC: Curation
Cory Zechmann / @silencenogood  •  Google TV Curator    San Francisco, CA
Michelle Solomon / @djmexicanspitfire  •  Programming at Pandora    Oakland, CA
DJ Lamont / @fingersnapsmediaarts  •  DJ Teacher    San Francisco, CA
Jamie Freedman / @alwaysmore2hear  •  Programming at Pandora    Pacifica, CA
Andee Connors / @mbibendum   Sr. Programming at Pandora   San Francisco, CA

2:00PM • Large Theater

Kristina Islas / @eyecatcher_dm    Graphic Designer    Oakland, CA
Emily R Sevin / @emilysevinphoto    Photographer    Oakland, CA
Trevor Polcyn / @MusicCitySanFrancisco    Music City SF    Albany, CA
Rick Narvarte / @artbyeegn    Creative Director    South San Francisco, CA
Carolina De Bartolo / @carodebartolo    Creative Director    San Francisco, CA

3:00PM • Small Theater
MUSIC: Producers 2
Jason Hunter / @JasonHunterSF    Musician & Producer    Oakland, CA
McKay Garner / @mckayallday    Producer & Engineer    Oakland, CA
Christopher Daddio / @donuttimeaudio    Producer & Engineer    Oakland, CA
Pamela Parker / @pamelaparkerrocks    Engineer at Hyde Street Studios    SF, CA
Michael Romanowski / @coastmastering    Mastering Engineer    San Francisco, CA

3:00PM • Large Theater
BUSINESS: Live Events
Marshall Lamm / @marshalllamm    Publicist    San Francisco, CA
Mickey Darius / @brokencloverrecords    Broken Clover Records  San Francisco, CA
Trixie Rasputin / @trixierasputinpresents    Booking & Promotions    San Francisco, CA
Kat Robichaud / @katrowbeeshow    Musician & Producer    Oakland, CA
Sarah Travis / @thewholedurnsky    Executive Director at Ashkenaz    OAK, CA

4:00PM • Large Theater
The Booking & Marketing of Northern Nights Music Festival
Stefan Aronsen / @StefanAronsen    Cofounder of Balanced Breakfast    @blncdbrkfst    Oakland, CA
Matt Whitlock / @MattRyanWhitlock    Marketing Director & Talent Buyer    Northern Nights Music Festival    @nnmfestival    San Francisco, CA


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