Top Bay Area Hip-Hop: Summer Jams Baylist 2023

What’s good folks? It’s ya man SumOfMan aka your favorite rapping neighbor, baylien, and writer. For my musical selections this year I’d like to focus on summertime slaps. So we can ride this heat wave until the wheels fall off. Make sure you play these tracks at high volumes in residential areas. Stay toasty my friends. For this list I chose to keep it simple and let the music speak for itself. I do want to make a few shoutouts to some of my favorite tracks from my Summer Jams Baylist 2023

Larry June & The Alchemist – Summer Reign (Official Video) (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Larry June tho… can we talk about it? My man been ouchere for years doing his thang. I feel like the last few years he’s been getting his credit. He even made it to the top 50 bay area artists list. This track is a perfect jump off for this list because it captures those Summer Jam vibes perfectly. The Alchemist did his dang thing and Ty Dolla $ign really just sauced up that chorus.

Those of y’all who know me know Blvck Achilies and myself go way back. He’s been on all my projects so far and he’s the reason I got into Macarthur Maze. If he on it imma give it a spin off top. I’m really impressed by Champ Green on this track because I remember when he didn’t rap. Now he’s in the arena holding his own with artists like D. Bledsoe.

Alwa Gordon “Nothing To Lose” (Official Lyric Video)
Alwa Gordon is an artists who’s been on the incline recently. I’m a fan of how his style has evolved over time. He’s mad a few appearances on my lists, but this one feels unique. His style of vulnerable raps goes well with his beat selection and cadences. When I hear it, it sounds like him. To me that’s one of the best traits of a bay area artist. Incomparable.

LiL MC Feat. Kodak Black- Future faking (OFFICIAL Lyric Video)
This one is special to me because Lil MC is a homie. Having a track with Kodak Black is super dope. When she dropped the track I was wondering what the combination was gone sound like. The way it came out *chefs kiss* perfect. They match each others vibe well. Not to mention the spanish verse too. I’m a fan. Prod by another homie who’s on this list Unlearn The World.

Qing Qi and Pu Tang clan been going crazy. When you at the party this is what you wanna slap. Also when you getting bread or going to get groceries. The flow is what caught me. It’s chill, deliberate, and catchy. If they ain’t talking money you might need to slide out.

UnLearn The World Feat. Benny The Butcher – Hood Movie (Ghetto Opera Remix) – Official Lyric Video
UnLearn ain’t from the Bay Area, but he belongs on this list because of the work he does in the bay. He’s been here for over a decade and he’s ahead of the class when it comes to Hip Hop Education. As head of Hip Hop for Change’s education department he’s getting Hip Hop taught at schools all around the globe and it started right here in Oakland. Shout out to his hometown New York.

Locksmith – “America” (Official Video)
Locksmith don’t get enough credit, I don’t care what anybody says. To me these are the bars that we need in the rap game. Keeping it real, talking about topics that’s gone raise consciousness. It ain’t the flashiest, the vibiest, the funniest, but it’s Bay Area nonetheless. We’ve always had a mix of styles in the bay. With conscious music always staying at the forefront.

LaRussell, Fisticuffs – CLARITY [Visualizer]
Last but not least my man LaRussell. My niece put me on and I been hooked ever since. For one it’s dope music. Two, it’s different. One of those bay traits. Three, he’s a one of a kind artist. His music is dope, his strategy is even doper. A lot of bay area artists struggle to bubble, but he’s the kind of artist to remind us that there’s always a way. To me the bay area is all about getting it out the mud, but getting it our own way. In my opinion he embodies that to the fullest. 

Thank ya’ll for taking the time to vibe with me one time for the one time. Enjoy this heat while it lasts and stay blessed. You can check out my latest project Immperfect below: 



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Najee Amaranth, founder of The Oakland Mind, uses music as a vehicle for social change. He blends conscious hip hop lyrics over lush instrumentals to create an atmosphere of inspiration and celebration.