Get To Know: Bear Lincoln

Last week Balanced Breakfast proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that local (Bay Area) music, based on a community that supports SHOWS is alive and well…

This week Balanced Breakfast does it again as four bands will take the stage to showcase what the Bay Area has to offer in the way of up and coming acts. I’m fortunate enough to give you ‘The News’  and let you know what to expect when you see Bear Lincoln perform September 11th at Neck of the Woods.

(Along with Dangermaker, The Damn Fanatics and                                                                                                       Beautiful Machines as part of the Balanced Breakfast                                                                                                                           residency at Neck of the Woods.)


Taking a look back at the ‘Performance Review‘ of Bear Lincoln from March of this year to get a sense of my first impressions of this group of danceaholics made me remember that in a word Bear Lincoln is dynamic. The four gentlemen (and I mean gentlemen, they are all such nice guys) have a heck of a stage presence. I had forgotten just how rambunctious and raucous the gents’ set really is.

(One can only hope a Mr. Einstein brings a pineapple for this show to power up his keyboards.)

You know how much I’m personally into the live show, the drawback being sometimes bands that have a great live set can lack in the recording department.

(I don’t fault bands for that BTW, it’s hard to capture a good raw live set even with the best microphones and translate the experience to tape…er…digital .wav files.)

Bear Lincoln is a band whose energy and live dynamic set FULLY translates to the recordings. Listening to their newest single ‘The News’ reminded me of how much of a treat sonically you are in for. Listen to the song and right from the get-go you just want to start clapping and dancing. A smile a mile wide must creep across your face as you hear the playful piano and jubilant drums blast out through the speakers. When hearing ‘The News’ I’m automatically transported to being a contestant of a game show from years gone by. A game show where every audience member has a chance to win a big prize if they were just lucky enough to be selected to be apart of the show. You know the type of game show I’m talking about.

Well here’s the sweetness of that visual, YOU DO have a chance to be in that audience. YOU DO have a chance to win big. How? By catching Bear Lincoln at Neck of the Woods September 11th. Everyone who goes to the show will win the sweet grand prize of not just getting to hear Bear Lincoln’s infused sound of funk/fun/frenzy/follies but, you’ll get to EXPERIENCE a clinic in putting on a hell of a show. And this is just ONE of the bands playing on this evening! I haven’t even begun to touch the other three bands who will do their part on making the show at N.O.T.W. THE can’t miss the show in SF on Thursday. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a night of fun, to a night of experience, to a night of Bear Lincoln.

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